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River Bluff Ranch, located in Southwest Missouri just 22 miles northwest of Springfield,  is excited about being the nation's resource for working ranch horse prospects.  The foundation of the ranch's quarter horses has primarily centered around the legacy of Cutter Bill, King, and Jessie James descendants. Our breeding program has developed as being the center for the highest percentage of sustained Cutter Bill bloodlines in the world, with the addition of Cutter Bill San, Cutter Bill Dexter, and Cutters Blake Junior among others to our battery of stallions.  Most of our colts are are palominos, buckskins, or red duns.  A current featured stud at the ranch includes the highest percentage Jessie James descendant – Jessie Jimmy – a buckskin stallion who is strongly representing a 37.5% lineage to his legendary ancestor.

The key to Cutter Bill’s success came from his great disposition, cutting ability, and willingness to please.  This legacy has been carried on at our ranch not only by our high percentage bred stallions, but also through our mares, such as descendants of Cutters Pretty, NCHA champion.  In addition to Cutter Bill, the foundation of our broodmares and other stallions consist of grandsons of Poco Bueno and Royal King – legendary sons of King.  The disposition of Cutter bill with the mindset of King progeny and the cow savvy of Jessie James has laid the cornerstone of our breeding program and band of Foundation Quarter Horses.

River Bluff Ranch is a proud sponsor and participant of several quarter horse organizations and registries on both the local and national level such as the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), Foundation Quarter Horse Registry (FQHR), and others.  We are also the founders of the Youth Foundation Quarter Horse Registry (YFQHR), a nonprofit organization established to help perpetuate  - through our youth - the foundation quarter horse bloodlines.  Through proper genetic management, we are proud to be a part of sustaining the endurance and performance of the working cow horse legends for future generations.